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Attempted to track progress as a development team using Github issues & the GH Projects functionality. Feels like the tooling is fighting the whole way, and PRs duplicate issues in Project board.

Spent half an hour porting data to Trello board, far better visibility of work now.

Went on a narrow gauge steam train.

Learned my daughters hair in plaits is long enough to tie her to the side of the carriage. (Reef knot, naturally.)

Good day.

Hit all of my exercise goals for the day whilst walking to the kitchen to fetch the remainder of the bottle of wine I opened earlier.

Not entirely sure that’s in the spirit of exercise tracking, but that’s real life.

It's been a few years since I last actually fell asleep on my keyboard.


You are stuck in a twisty maze of tabs. To escape you must parse data successfully.

You are eaten by a grue.

Started the day in Belfast owning 3 bikes.

Flew back to Manchester, drove to Swansea, drove home. Ended the day owning 4 bikes.

Today was a good day.

Brought coffee beans and a grinder.

Grinder is broken and not sure if I can fix it.


Staying in an airbnb in Manchester for a couple of nights.

The wifi is fantastically rock solid, I'm amazed.

Reminded of the absurdity of the Rockstar Programmer. (Accidentally overhead someone in a coffee shop saying technical interview candidates should be binned without a significant social media presence. <puke>)

People love to say that a rockstar can do the work of 10 regular engineers. That's just nonsense. 9 women can't have one baby in a month, and 10 "rockstar" developers can't replace 100 regular ones.

Unless you're monitoring your systems, you don't know what's broken (or not).

Also you can never meaningfully monitor everything.

Ergo, your stuff is always broken somehow.

if the content of your timeline isn’t interesting, follow different people

It’s not until you step off the treadmill and look around for a while that you realise just how gruelling being on the go constantly has been.

@qyliss yeah. I don’t do well unemployed it seems.

Day 1 of new job, so far spent 30 minutes waiting for software updates.

Once more reminded of tooting instead of twatting or faceplanting.

Using the Joyent public cloud to automate my image builds (via Packer) is cheaper than running a triton headnode at home. For a few years probably.

Currently located in the country of my instance's tld

Upgraded the CPU in my micro server successfully -