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Orde Saunders 🔟 @decadecity

Putting down the cargo cult shotgun now.

git commit -am "Maybe this will work?" && git push

Six terminals and three sublimes on one virtual desktop :cowboy:

And past me also paid off another piece of technical debt one commit after that last one.

I'm getting suspicious now...

Wow - for once past me came thorough in paying off some technical debt.

`success = bool(randint(0, 1))`

Yet another app that forces portrait on my tablet with a keyboard meaning I have type in perpendicular input fields.

First bit of good news in this scenario - the library is out of date but at least it's on the right major version.

Slack really can't handle losing its WebSocket connection, tells me I need to restart my browser - the unstated assumption being that connectivity will always be perfect.

This is a good intro to deep learning: youtu.be/l42lr8AlrHk

And follow up with a worked example showing different stages: youtu.be/BFdMrDOx_CM

There are two hard problems: naming things, cache invalidation and off-by-one errors.