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Orde Saunders 🔟 @decadecity

200: We cool
300: Dave's not here, man
400: You fucked up
500: I fucked up

If algorithms are going to take over the world then LinkedIn's isn't going to be involved.

Static sites and client side apps are the hot front end technologies these days - if only there was a way of bridging the gap between them, some form of enhancement, maybe done progressively. :thinking:

One more clown car removed from the tech debt pileup.

I don't know - you update an internal library that hasn't been touched in two years and suddenly you're the maintainer with the knowledge to answer all the questions that people now realise they have.

It's a `git pish` typo of day.

Trying to work out how best to publish content on the dark web and it's got a lot of similarities with how I started with websites in 1994.

Introductions - the part of blogging I least enjoy.

Paranoia++ # Faraday bags.

"I don't self-identify as a 'guy' so, even if I was plural, the term of address 'guys' would not be appropriate."

I don't often use Vim but when I do it's to edit code on production servers.

OH: "We're not doing that - that's how Terminator started."

If you like it put a test on it.

My new startup is ethicsCoin (the `i` in coin is silent).

It uses the blockchain to reward developrs for writing ethical software.

Fixing bugs by making the bad colours in syntax highlighting go away FTW.

MVP and iterate

Algorithmic feeds - this post about something happening tomorrow is from three days ago.

Fresh out of hot takes.

It's pretty easy to spot the idiots on both sides of the debate: they're the ones with strong opinions, hot takes, and a desire to share them.