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Orde Saunders 🔟 @decadecity

It's pretty easy to spot the idiots on both sides of the debate: they're the ones with strong opinions, hot takes, and a desire to share them.

`git commit -am "Comments so future me knows why this is the way it is."`

"Our server is down" != "Your device is not connected to the internet"

Friday afternoon refactoring victory espresso.

Finished a relatively small thing I started 18 months ago.


The problem wasn't with the technology you were using, the problem was inside you all along.

Getting pretty bored of "$solution only works in certain situations so $solution is invalid".

All the fucks I give can be found at file:///dev/null

So fixing that module that nobody wanted to go near for three years broke the site when passed through the production deploy pipeline.

However, now that problem has been flushed it opens the doors to making more progress on paying off tech debt.

Start up idea: Like Slack but moving slower and with less broken things.

Or at lest outages affecting services that I'm aware of...

Seems to be more service outages than usual this afternoon.

So to read your report on the motivations of adbocking users I have to sign up to your website with a significant amount of personal data :thinking: scotland.computer/media/Oh1YIe

Did something that wasn't on my to-do list so created an entry for it in the done column to get those reward pathways activated.

Telegram may be the favoured messaging tool of Daesh but I see them as less of a threat to my way of life than Facebook and WhatsApp.

Achievement unlocked: Django 2.0 in production.