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John @semanticist

I mashed my 2fa code into this instance and now I can use Mastodon again. Maybe. This instance is so horrifically out of date I don't even know if it's working properly.

@colon_three I sucked it up and spent £30 on a Thunderbolt 2 cable the other week. So expensive! But now my old iMac is a 27" 1440p monitor, so worth it.

@ceejbot "Interviewing for empathy" makes me think of Bladerunner and VK tests. Or, alternatively, is my new indie rock band name.

Did I say 'fortnight'? Probably more like 'Christmas holidays'. is a bit broken and needs a bunch of upgrades. I'm not going to have time to do anything with it for at least a fortnight. :(

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give all terfs an angry weasel down their pants

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That’s right! It was a penis. Specifically, a furry dog penis, and hey, that’s fine! Nothing wrong with dog penises, unless for some reason they have about seven hundred (!!!) scripts embedded in them, and become a stress test that our script state deserializer has never encountered before.

Even worse, as well as crashing the servers, this thing DoS’ed our engineering team, because nobody could talk about the problem for more than a minute while keeping a straight face.


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See, it’s hard enough defining sexuality rules in real life, but then you get to the virtual world and you think you’re safe defining the lower age limit as, what, 18? 21? Something like that?

And then the weasels among your user base show up and demand to know how to make an 18-year-old-looking weasel, given that their average lifespan is only seven years.

(I don’t know how we resolved this. I suspect we limited the age thing to humans. Well, humanoids. Well…)

@colon_three There is no way to win that game.

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New project, control a treadmill from a Raspberry Pi for my new walking desk.

@colon_three I want a cheeseburger on a wireframe infinity plane. Just salt, please.

@Eddie_Catflap I ended up just blocking the entire instance.

Since it looks like weird auto follow bot spam, I've put a domain block on I don't think this is going to affect anyone on

@colon_three Yellow warnings for heavy snow today and overnight into tomorrow. Reports earlier of snow in Edinburgh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@ceejbot It does feel like it could parse the RSS feed to populate remote accounts. Might have a stab at it if I have free time this week. :D

@ceejbot Is this just because they're on another instance? I find I need to click through again to view their profile on their native instance to see their toots.

So, I *may* have made a mistake with the cronjobs and caused this instance to stop receiving updates from other instances. Sorry, computers! It's been fixed now.

Also, later (Sunday afternoon) we may have some downtime while I do some upgrades.

@stevejones May seems more like the type to have a cellar full of corpses, to me.